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Concierge Coaching Laboratory Where Transformations in Life, Dating, Academics, Career, and Business take place.


I have carefully crafted each of my programs to help transform and propel queens like you who:

Be Unapologetic About How Fabulous and Royal You Are!


Coaching & Consulting

Feel stuck
Tired of your 9-5
Feel confused and frustrated
Tired of dating the wrong types of guys
Wonder what your next steps should be
Need a breakthrough
Question what your purpose is in life
Want to build your own dynasty

I have experienced all of the above, and let me tell you Sis, it's time for a transformation. You deserve to live a life filled with joy, love, peace, health, wealth, and purpose. I believe these are the six elements in creating the dream life that you deserve. If you feel that there is more for your life and if you are ready to soar to new dimensions, then you have come to the right place at the right time. All of my coaching is Spirit-led, holistic, and designed for you to achieve fast results.

Welcome to the place where queens fix each other's crowns, where dreams are defined, destinies are discovered, and dynasties are built.

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Hey Queen Hey,
I'm Dr. Arriel Cymone

About Me

I am a Certified Master Abundant Life Coach, Sales Assassin, and Badazz PhD Chemist. I have generated millions of dollars in direct sales for start up and Fortune 500 companies. I have negotiated and won million dollar contracts with customers that no one else could achieve. I have developed some of the most complex experiments in chemistry labs. I have also worked as an adjunct chemistry, mathematics, and career development professor at universities.

Now, I have started my own company to help queens like you propel from where you are to the dream life that you deserve. I have actually been coaching all of my life. Even as a little girl, I would take kids from the neighborhood with disheveled hair, shampoo their hair, and then style their hair so that they could have more confidence. I have spent my entire career and life developing solutions to problems, and I will do the same for you.

I was born to teach and coach.

In my coaching laboratory, we will extract all the junk that is holding you back and mix together all the things about you to propel you into your purpose. With over 15 years of career experience and a lifetime of personal experiences, I am confident that my signature programs will benefit you.

Learn more about My Story

My job is not only to help you succeed; my job is to help you excel.

My job is not to help you play small, my job is to help you play in the major leagues.

My job is not only to show you how to get to the next level; my job is to show you how to get to the next dimension.

My job is not to help you stay where you are; my job is to help you create the dream life that you deserve.

I will show you tested and proven methods that have propelled me time and time again. I look forward to working with you.

my concierge services:

  • You've gone as far as you can go by yourself.
  • You've hit the concrete ceiling, and there's no one to show you how to drill through it.
  • Where are the mentors?
  • Where are the sponsors?
  • All you can hear are crickets chirping.
  • You've got these big dreams but don't know how to manifest them.

Mmmm hmmmm, I figured you could relate. The uncomfortable position you are in is no coincidence.

This is where you discover the miracle of who you are. YOU are your own answer. Everything you are searching for is already inside of you. The world needs YOU. Now let's s tart building your dynasty.

Define Your Dream, Discover Your Destiny, Build Your Dynasty


Work with Me

Does any of this describe you?

Rise up and Reign

Yes, you read the title correctly. Don't judge! And yes, it is possible to transform a hoe into a housewife. Whether you are a hoe or not is none of my business. But it is my business to provide you with the right tools so that you can make the healthiest, safest, and best decisions for your dating life.

This program is for ANY single woman who wants to meet Mr. Right. Hunnay, upon completing this program you will have so much revelation and will love yourself so much that you will no longer consider settling for the wrong man.

The Dating Blueprint for Every Single Woman Who is Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

From Hoe to Housewife


Work with Me

Need a miracle? Need a Breakthrough? Feel Stuck Nothing seems to be going right for you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time for your ugly cry breakthrough. So go ahead and wipe off that expensive makeup, take off your red bottoms, hang up your designer purse, put your Rolex in the drawer, take off your 4 inch coffin shaped nails, and take off your 2 inch eye lashes.

You are about to get real real with yourself. You will undergo a metamorphosis with this program. This program will peel back the layers of your life to uncover areas that are holding you back. You will learn how to expel those hindrances, connect to the Highest Power in all of the universe, and ugly cry your way to your treasure.

The Secret Formula to Unlocking the Treasure Chest That Has Your Name on It

The Ugly Cry Breakthrough

Work with Me


Let's keep it all the way real: Ain't nobody got time to be miserable at work just to make a dollar. Toxic workplaces should not be normalized. It is important to bring this issue to the light because so many people are suffering in silence.

 This program was designed for those who have had to endure workplace toxicity and need a way of escape. You will learn how to release the physiological and psychological scars, how to chunk up the deuces, get out, and snatch back your power.

Work with Me

Planning Your Exit from a Toxic Work Environment

Get Out and Snatch Back Your Power


This program is specifically designed for high school and college students. You no longer have to be anxious about math and science being too hard.

You don't have to fret over possibly failing a test or getting into the grad school or nursing program of your choice. I will serve as your own personal professor. I will show you how simple math and science really can be. You will not leave this program failing. You will leave this program as an Ace!

Work with Me

Ace Your Academic and Professional Exams with Your Own Personal Professor

The Ace of Academics


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

- Mark Twain

Kind Words

from Clients

"I was living in defeat for years. I felt guilty from mistakes I made in my past. Dr. Arriel reminded me that my past does not dictate my future. She helped me discover my gifts and talents and showed me how I could use them to live the life of my dreams. Before I began working with Dr. Arriel, I was not making much money at all. She gave me so much energy to chase my dreams, that I got promoted at my job and I am working on starting my own company. I have always dreamed of owning my own business. I believe in myself now. I highly recommend this program. Your life will not be the same"

- Jamie H

"Dr. Arriel embodies the epitome of a leader. She possesses the insight and expertise into innovative methodologies that will benefit mankind. Dr. Arriel has been instrumental in helping me build lifelong relationships with other leaders. I have had the pleasure of networking with some impactful individuals. These relationships have led to creative developments that may profoundly impact the community. Additionally, under Dr. Arriel's guidance and leadership, she inspires others to think both analytically and critically. Soaring to new heights is an understatement when describing Dr. Arriel. She will challenge you with her tenacity and hard work ethic. As a result of Dr. Arriel's guidance and influence, I have transformed into an incredible scientist who will dedicate impactful years of service to better the world"

- Bryant J

"Dr. Arriel started tutoring me my junior year of high school. I was taking chemistry and did not have the best teacher. Prior to tutoring, I had a C average and I was not doing the best on my tests and assignments. After only a few weeks of tutoring, I brought my grade up to an A and aced all of my assignments and tests."

- Kendall M

Let's Do This Together, Queen

Create youR Dream Life Today

Your dream awaits you, your destiny awaits you, and your dynasty awaits you. Everything you've been waiting for has been waiting for you to take this next step.







© Arriel Cymone, LLC


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