Go ‘head and Flex Dat Iron

October 18, 2022

Learn how you can increase your market value by doing what you were born to do.

You have more in common with iron than you probably knew before reading this blog.  I saw this awesome post on LinkedIn that I wish I would have screen shot.  When you see something you like on LinkedIn, message it to yourself or take a screen shot because it’s hard to find these things again.

Anyway, the post was one of my favorites so I committed it to memory.  It went a little something like this: 

“A bar of iron cost $5.  That same bar of iron made into a horseshoe is worth $12, made into needles it’s worth $3500, made into balance springs for watches, it’s worth $300,000.  Your own value is determined by what you make of yourself.”

I absolutely love this quote.  I’m going to take this quote further and break it down as it relates to creating your dream life.

I have had jobs that did not even tap into a fraction of my gifts and talents and in return those were also the jobs where I was the most miserable.  I made mediocre salaries and was unhappy.  Ummmm, I don’t think so.  I’m worth waaaaay more than that.  So in this case, I was a bar of iron working as a horseshoe.  Then I had jobs where some of my gifts and talents were used but not all of them.  Consequently, I enjoyed those jobs more and also made a better salary.  However, my salary was still determined by what my employer decided I was worth.  Ummmm, I’m still worth waaaay more than that.  So in this case I’d say I was made into a needle.  Jobs where I’ve negotiated my salary, closed million dollar deals, and used some of my gifts converted me to the balance springs for watches.  But the day I realized that I could start my own business, have unlimited creativity, and use every single gift and talent I have is when I knew that I am so valuable that I now live in a world where there are no ceilings.

You are filled with gifts and talents.  Not using them sells you and the whole world short.  The value of not using your gifts and talents is $0.  Those same gifts and talents used to chase someone else’s dream is worth whatever salary your employer deems your value to be.  Those same gifts and talents used to chase your own dreams is worth a world where there are no ceilings. 

Imagine what it would be like if you were a living, breathing case study of Mark Twain’s quote that says “the two most important days of your life are the day that you are born and the day that you find out why”.  Imagine being able to get so much out of what you do for a living that you would do it for free.  Did you know that money is a byproduct of fulfilling your purpose? I’ll put it simply: your prosperity and provision are in your purpose.

So I ask you today, which form of iron are you?

If you want to create the dream life that you deserve, I am here to help you find out how to do that. There are six elements in creating your dream life: health, wealth, love, joy, peace, and purpose.  Where would you like to see improvement? Schedule your complimentary discovery call to get started.







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