Define Your Dream, Discover Your Destiny, Build Your Dynasty

 If only it were so simple to write it down, think good thoughts, and voila, you've arrived at your promised land. Unfortunately it's not that simple, but there is a formula to follow in order to get there. This is where I come in. I will show you step by step how to define your dream, discover your destiny, and build your dynasty from scratch. This Signature program is designed not only to bless you but to activate generational blessings. Dynasties live beyond your lifetime and generation after generation will eat the fruit of your courage.


Your Destiny is the bridge that connects your dream to your dynasty.

Does any of this describe you? 

You've gone as far as you can go by yourself.

You've hit the concrete ceiling, and there's no one to show you how to drill through it.

Where are the mentors?

Where are the sponsors?

All you can hear are crickets chirping.

You've got these big dreams but don't know how to manifest them.

You feel that there is more for you life

Mmmm hmmmm, I figured you could relate. The uncomfortable position you are in is no coincidence. This is where you discover the miracle of who you are. YOU are your own answer. Everything you are searching for is already inside of you. The world needs YOU. Now let's start building your dynasty.

Have you ever been rejected and didn't fit in?

Have you ever been broke, busted, and disgusted?

Is your 401k looking funny?

Have you ever questioned whether anyone cares?

Have you doubted whether you matter or if you impact anyone's life?

Have you wondered what your life purpose is?

Are you tired of going to work just to make ends meet?

Do you have a lackluster life?

Are you super successful in one area of your life and failing in another?

You are Royalty

Get Ready to Soar to a New Dimension

There will be a paradigm shift in your life and way of thinking the moment you realize that you are royalty. You are destined for greatness and have already accomplished so many wonderful things. You are extremely intelligent, gorgeous, and vibrant. You are filled with so many gifts and talents that the world needs. You are the answer to someone's prayer and the solution to a problem. I will meet you right where you are.

Receive Double for
your Trouble

Now it's time to mix all these wonderful things about you together in my coaching laboratory.

My laboratory is a safe, non judgmental space that is created for you to soar. After we set the roadmap for where you want to go, you will begin soaring to a new dimension.  

Queen, not one of the things you've been through will be wasted.

It has been promised that you will receive double for your trouble.

Learn how to define and manifest your dreams

Learn how to discover and enter into your destiny

Learn how to build your dynasty from scratch

Learn how to live in freedom and triumph

Learn how to choose yourself and love yourself

Learn how to build the dream life that you deserve

Learn how to make your 9-5 work for you

Learn to stop living in “just enough” mode to living in “more than enough” mode

Ready, Set, Propel

I know this is possible because I've been there too

Hey, I'm Dr. Arriel Cymone

About Me

I designed this 16- week Signature Program because I have tested and proven these methods time and time again. I wish I had something like this on the days I felt so lost, frustrated, and confused. Let me tell you, the gems that are loaded in here are why I consider this my Rolls Royce Program. It is literally three separate programs combined into one.

I had so many dreams that were dormant inside of me. I put my own dreams to sleep through distractions, not realizing I was royalty, and being so busy chasing everyone else's dreams. But Hunnay, one day I finally woke up. I was so tired of settling for less than God's best for my life. I was so tired of looking at my 401k just to realize that in order to live the life I wanted to live, I would have to work until I was 90 years old. Ummmm, no ma'am. Where they do that at?

The Paradigm Shift

My entire mindset had to shift. I shifted from the traditional employee mindset to the boss mindset. Instead of only working for my 9-5, I also made my 9-5 work for me. I broke free from the things that were holding me back, and now I live in a world where there are no ceilings. I am in the most creative space I've ever experienced in my life. The ideas, visions, and dreams are coming faster than I can even type. Ever since I started implementing the gems in this program, I even see the favor on my daughter's life. This program activates generational blessings, and I am thrilled to show you this process and look forward to seeing you break into your new dimension.

Are you ready to live in a world where there are no ceilings? You have so many gifts and talents inside of you. The World needs you.

Learn more about My Story

Private and Group Coaching Program

Rise up and Reign 

Define Your Dream, Discover Your Destiny, Build Your Dynasty



my signture process

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Complete the questionnaire on the contact page and I will be in touch to schedule your complimentary discovery call to explore where you currently are and where you desire to go.



my signture process

Let's Get Started

If we determine that we are a perfect fit, I will send you on-boarding documents and my calendar to schedule your sessions



my signture process

Ready, Set, Propel

We will spend the next 16 weeks in the Rise Up and Reign, program preparing you to conquer everything you dream to do


My Flowers 

from Clients

"I was living in defeat for years. I had so much shame and guilt from mistakes I made in my past. Dr. Arriel reminded me that my past does not dictate my future. She helped me discover my gifts and talents and showed me how I could use them to live the life of my dreams. Before I began working with Dr. Arriel, I was not making much money at all. She gave me so much energy to chase my dreams, that I got promoted at my job and I am working on launching my own company. This company is something that I have dreamed about all of my life. I believe in myself now. I highly recommend this program. Your life will not be the same."

- Jamie H


Weekly Coaching Sessions

Get exclusive access to my calendar and schedule your weekly, 60-minute coaching sessions that utilize my proprietary Signature Program to get you on the fast track to living your dream life.

What's included


Email, Text, and
Phone Support

Get email, text, and phone support directly from me. You will have direct access to my personal cell phone to text and call.


Emergency and
After-Hours Support

Whether it's a holiday, the weekend, or late at night, you will have direct access to me. I am committed to your success and will respond to you via email, text, or phone.


A safe, non-judgmental environment where you can thrive

Everything that we discuss is strictly confidential. You can give yourself permission to be authentically you in these sessions. I encourage you to bring your authentic self because a crafted character version of yourself will not see results.


Define Your Dream

Learn techniques to writing your vision and manifesting you dream


Discover Your Destiny

Learn the skills that are required for you to walk into your purpose


Build your Dynasty

We will treat your dynasty like a start-up business so we will cover everything from brand identity to sales and marketing

This program is the right fit for you if you:

Are ready to go to the next dimension

Are ready to manifest your dreams

Are ready to discover your destiny

Are ready to build your own dynasty that will activate generational blessings

Are ready to monetize your unique gifts and talents

Are ready to stop settling for less than God's best for your life

Are ready to stop living in lack

Are ready to start living in abundance

Are ready to learn how to make your 9-5 work for you

Are ready to create the dream life that you deserve

Are ready to work with an expert who will keep it 100% real with you and not just tell you what you want to hear

Are committed to seeing your life transform

Sound like you?

Let's do this!


Give yourself the gift of creating the dream life that you deserve.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Email, Text, and Phone Support

List out again what's included in the program

Emergency and After-Hours support

A safe, non-judgmental environment where you can thrive

Define your dream

Discover your destiny

Build your dynasty

The Investment

Bonus 1: Rise up and Reign Workbook

Rise up and Reign

Define Your Dream, Discover Your Destiny, Build Your Dynasty
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6 months of ongoing support after completion of the program

Referral Rewards: Receive $50 reward when your friend signs up for a service

20% discount on one additional Signature Program Welcome Gift


Heiress Package

12 months of ongoing support after completion of the program

Referral Rewards: Receive $100 reward when your friend signs up for a service

25% discount on one additional Signature Program

Hand delivered welcome gift

1:1 in person, private dinner with me


Empress Package

Enhance your Experience by Upgrading to my Heiress and Empress Packages